Copyright Policy

The is owned by Sing Tao Limited, its parents, subsidiaries and/or associated companies (hereinafter collectively referred to as "the Company"). All contents of are owned and/or controlled by the Company and/or the party credited as the provider of such contents and are protected by worldwide copyright laws. You may not copy or use the contents in any way other than as stipulated under the Terms of Use and (where applicable) the Subscription Terms and Conditions) of (collectively “Terms and Conditions”), unless by entering an application (see below details) and subject to the prior written authorization of the Company or the party credited as the provider of such contents.

The contents of and ownership thereof or any part thereof is governed by the Terms and Conditions and this Copyright Policy must be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions.

*If you need to reproduce in a large quantity our photos or articles for promotion, advertising, publication, instruction use...
*If you need to upload our photos or articles onto an Intranet or the Internet...
*If you need to store our photos or articles in an electronic archive, CD-Rom...
Please send in your application letter to the attention of our Information Services Manager. To facilitate processing, please enclose a photocopy of the requested articles or photos as far as possible when sending over your application letter to us. Please feel free to contact our Information Services should you have any questions.

Our contact info:

By post: Information Services Department,

3/F , Sing Tao News Corporation Building, 7 Chun Cheong Street,

Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate, Tseung Kwan O,

New Territories, Hong Kong

By phone: (852)- 2798 2937 or (852)- 2798 2844

By fax: (852)- 2115 9271

By email:

Please supply us with the following information:
  1. Contact Information
    • Name
    • Job Title
    • Organization
    • Organization Address
    • Business nature
    • Contact phone no., fax no., email address, etc.
  2. Details of photos or articles needed
    • Newspaper name (e.g. Sing Tao Daily, The Standard, Hong Kong iMail, Hong Kong Standard)
    • Publication date
    • Publication section & page (e.g. iBusiness B7)
    • Headline/Caption
    • Reporter/ Photographer
    • INTENDED USE (e.g. academic purpose, advertisement, newsletter etc.)

      Academic purpose, we need to know

      1. Course name
      2. No. of copies to be reprinted
      3. Distribution date/ period


      To reprint in the media, we need to know

      1. Name of the media
      2. Format to be reprinted
      3. Size to be reprinted
      4. Position to be reprinted
      5. Circulation volume
      6. Publication date/period

  3. Remarks
    1. We take into account a number of factors in determining whether an application is successful or not as well as the amount for copyright fees/royalties. The factors include but not limited to: the business nature of the applying organization; the uniqueness of the requested materials; the publications or media in which our materials will be re-published; how our reproductions will be used or distributed etc.
    2. We also base on the following principles or conditions in considering applications:
      1. We only grant reprint permission for those content, that is produced by or copyrighted by us. We do not grant permission for syndicated comics, columns, wire news stories, photos and graphics from other news agencies or freelancers who hold the copyright of the works.
      2. The right to reprint is non-exclusive and non-transferable. The reprinted material is supposed to be used one time for a stated purpose. Additional publication requires a new reprint permission request and applicable fees
      3. The content will be used in its entirety, without editing or alterations that would otherwise infringe our copyright in the works or discredit The Standard and its affiliated companies or business.
      4. Credit line, copyright and disclaimer data must be inserted with the reprint as follows in this example: "Copyright 2007 The Standard. Republished here with the permission of The Standard. No further republication or redistribution is permitted without prior written approval of the Sing Tao Group. All rights reserved."
      5. Requestors who receive the material via electronic means need to erase all electronic or digital forms of the reprinted material after use.
      6. As far as possible, a copy of the publication in which the material is reprinted should be given to The Standard for record purpose.
      7. All applicable terms as provided in the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy Statement shall apply.

This Policy is last updated on 30 June 2023.